न्यूनतम साझा कार्यक्रम (सीएमपी ) / COMMON MINIMUM PROGRAMME (CMP)
(प्राथमिक शिक्षा के गुणात्मक सुधार) / (Strengthening Primary Education)

S.No. Initiative Class & Subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realized or not Name of the Teacher In-Charge along with Designation
1. School readiness programme
(April 2011)
To familiarize with the school and school atmosphere Yes Mrs. Ciny (Part Time)
2. Sports Day 
(April 2011)
I  - V
To encourage sports spirit Yes Mrs. V Selvy, PRT
3. Earth day celebration16th to 22nd April
I  - V
To get Awareness  about  conservation of plants and animals Yes Mrs.Leema Rose(Part Time)
4. Investiture ceremony   (July 2011)
I -V
To understand the responsibility of a prefect Yes Mr. Yudhvir Mor, PRT
5. Science Exhibition (July 2011)
To gain  knowledge in Science Yes Ms. Sarah Sheila Antony, PRT
6. No bag Day
(31st July)
I - V
To help children  not carrying weight Yes All class teachers
7. Film Shows
(Every Month)
I - V
To gain moral values Going On All PRTs
8. Community Lunch (Every Month)
I - V
To understand the values of sharing Going on All PRTs
9. Field Trip (July)
I  - V
To educate practically Yes All PRTs
10. FA I (July)
To test the knowledge Yes All PRTs
11. PTA Meeting (July)
To make the parents aware of their ward Yes Mrs. Ciny, PRT
12. FA II
(April to August)
To bring overall personality  development in students Yes  All PRTs
13. National festival
I - V
To bring Patriotism Yes All PRTs
14. Cluster Level CMP Meeting (August)
- - All PRTs
15. Health Check up
I  - V
To check the personal health of the child Yes All PRTs
16. Demo Class
(Every Month)
For  new Teachers
To emphasis the importance of ICT Yes Mrs. V Selvy, PRT  &
Ms. Sarah Sheila Antony, PRT
17. Contribution to News Letter
I - V
I term over II term to continue Mrs. V Selvy, PRT
18. Workshop (August) School Level
I - V
To bring out talents Yes Mrs. V Selvy, PRT
19. Hanging library
I  - V
To develop reading habits Continuous process PRTs
20. SA I  ( September)
III  - V
To test the knowledge Yes All PRTs

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